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Special mobile platforms

We take advantage of the summer period to get back to the latest ads from the major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

As of this Monday and for a period of 4 weeks, Jean-François Le Nilias, Editor of InformatiqueNews.fr receives Christian Brousseau, CEO of Things Are Moving, to take stock of these different platforms.

In this week's news, the new iOS 9 seen on the developer side:

  • The simplification of developer accounts
  • A greater number of terminals allowed to test applications
  • A developer account is no longer required to test an application on its own computer
  • Swift goes into version 2.0, the age of maturity?

You can read to full interview on InformatiqueNews.fr.
You can read to full interview about iOS 9 seen on the user side on InformatiqueNews.fr.
Watch the interview about Android on YouTube.